Reprieve for our Nursery

On the 26th September, after much activity by both Croftamie Community Council and Community Trust, the Children and Young Persons Committee of Stirling Council instructed council officers to revisit the option of upgrading the current building, to meet the new requirements. Officers have been instructed to submit fully costed plans for the nursery.

Although this is a fantastic result, it is not the end of story and is merely a reprieve.

Community Meeting

Wednesday 13th November 7.30 pm @ Croftamie Nursery

During the consultation period, earlier this year, the Community Council and Trust jointly conducted a survey to assess community opinion with regard to the closure of the nursery. The questionnaire identified that there was almost unanimous support to maintain the building as a community resource. There was also significant support for ensuring the Nursery remained in the village.

Both the Community Council and Trust have worked hard to ensure the community's views are respected and acted upon, resulting in the current position.

Our best option for keeping the building as a community resource, within the village, is to ensure the Nursery provision is not closed and to use the upgrade as an opportunity make the building more suitable for use as a Community Hub.
To achieve this we will need to evidence the fact that there is sufficient local support for a Community Hub.

The Community Council and Community Trust intend holding a joint meeting within Croftamie Nursery, on Wednesday 13th November, at 7.30 pm. At this meeting we hope to gauge the support we have whilst gathering suggestions for services that could be offered by the Hub. Please come along and share your views.

Your support, suggestions and ideas are needed by the community
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Losing the nursery and the last community facility will have a significant impact on the village and the wider community.

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