Latest Update On Croftamie Nursery Closure

At this months Community Council meeting on 15th January, Community Councillors voted unanimously to ask Scottish Ministers to call in the decision made by Stirling Council to close Croftamie Nursery.

It is considered that there were a number of flawed, biased aspects to the consultation process and to how the decision was reached. There are also aspects of the process that contravene the Schools ( Consultation) Scotland Act 2010.

The Community Council Chair, Peter Lloyd has written to Scottish Ministers on behalf of the Community urging them to do so.

The Act states that if a proposal to close a rural school is publidshed and not implemented (as happened in September 2019) then a further proposal to close the same school, cannot be put forward for another five years. In this case however, Stirling Council have submitted a second proposal just a few months later, which would therefore appear to be unlawful.

Furthermore, the second proposal contains such a volume of changes, it would indicate that the first proposal was erroneous, and yet the process to correct errors in such a proposal was not followed by Stiring Council.

It is of concern that the whole closure consultation has been based on 'Space to Grow' standards, whilst Councillor Christine Simpson, commented at meeting of the Children & Young People Commitee on 9th January, that the decision is not about cost or the standards, it is about childrens transition (which does not feature in the standards).

There are several other concerns regarding the wider process, including that, after the Community Council were told that Croftamie Nursery didn't meet the Room to Grow standards and provided a % in this regard, a Freedom of Information request was submitted, to enquire about what % of these standards were being achieved by similar nurseries in the council area. A suitable response was not forthcoming and therefore we still currently have no view of how our award-winning nursery, recently scoring 'Excellent' for 'environment', stacks up against other nurseries.

Stirling Council seem to have given no consideration to traffic and parking issues that would be created in Drymen (and further added to when the new houses are built) and yet traffic/parking is part of the Space to Grow standards.

It certainly seems that the consultation process has been biased from the start and despite the Act outlining that in the case of rural schools, the presumption should always be against closure, there was only ever going to be one outcome as far as Stirling Council were concerned.

The letter to Ministers urging them to 'call in' this decision will shortly be loaded to the 'Documents' tab of this site.

Croftamie Community Council would encourage you to express your own views on the decsison too close Croftamie Nursery, to Scottish Ministers. Objections to the decison must be sent to prior to 30th January 2020.

We will keep the community updated with news here on the website and on Facebook and Twitter. The Stirling Observer and Daily Record have also picked up the story.

Our next Community Council meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 12th February at the nursery. As always, we would love to see as many of you there as possible.

Croftamie Community Council

Croftamie Nursery Update 12/01/20

You may already be aware from social media updates, that following a second proposal being submitted, on 9th January, Stirling Council Young People Committee voted to close Croftamie Nursery. We are obviously very disappointed by this decision. The next community council meeting will take place on Wednesday 15th January, at 7.30pm at the nursery. Along with the regular agenda, there will be a discussion regarding our next steps and the options available to us at this stage wih regard to the nursery.

We would urge as many of the community as possible to attend the meeting and have their say.


Croftamie Community Council

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