Additional Funding for Communities

The Community Council has been made aware by the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs Community Partnership Team, of some additional support for communities during these difficult times.

The Community Partnership has secured funds to administer a microgrants scheme to support immediate need in three key areas:

- Organisational expenses. Particularly volunteer expenses, hire of vehicles, fuel costs for deliveries, etc., ensuring community groups have everything they need to function during this time.

- Ensuring digital inclusion. Some people in need are not able to access the internet at this very important time. Libraries and other community facilities are closed and it has never been more important to maintain a lifeline to the outside world. Individuals can apply for this area of funding with the backing of a community partner, such as the Community Council

- Alleviating immediate individual need. The Community Partnership have heard of examples of individual need which has been uncovered during this crisis period and are making the grants available to meet these needs immediately, again with the backing of a community partner. This could be to buy supplies that they currently cannot afford due to the unforeseen circumstances they have found themselves in.

The current situation with Coronavirus is unprecedented and has impacted individuals and families across the globe, suddenly and in ways that could never have been anticipated. No-one should feel embarrassed about taking the help on offer, should they require it. If you would like to discuss any needs in confidence, you can contact the Community Council Chair, Peter Lloyd on 07946 568002.

The Community Partnership team have advised that these funds will be turned around quickly and will involve an easy to complete application process.

Further information is available on their site:

Stay safe

Croftamie Community Council

Squirrel Sightings

Across the National Park, the Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS) project has been proactively monitoring squirrel populations since 2009, both to celebrate red squirrels reappearing in new areas and to carefully assess grey squirrel movements. In light of the current pandemic all SSRS surveys have been suspended and so the only way to continue monitoring squirrel populations at this time is for people to let them know if they have seen a squirrel locally, either in their garden or on their daily exercise. They welcome sightings from anywhere in Scotland of both red and grey squirrels, so please spread the word and encourage others to report their sightings at<

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