PPE Update

We are pleased to say that we now have a supply of gloves, masks and anti-bacterial gel and have already delivered packs to 10 houses in the village so far.

Packs will initially contain 5 pairs of gloves, 5 masks and a small bottle of anti-bacterial gel. Further supplies have been ordered and we hope to be able to continue to provide these packs for as long as required in the coming weeks and months. To help reduce single-use plastic we hope to refill the bottles provided.

If you have been shielding or know someone who has been, and would benefit from PPE packs, please let us know by emailing admin@croftamiecc.org

Delivery of groceries is still happening twice a week, for those who have requested assistance and the 'buddy scheme' is still in place too.

In these challenging times, if there is any other support you need, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Stay safe and well.

Croftamie Community Council